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Are you a good rider ?

Welcome to our “Have A Good Ride” Quiz!

We are excited to see what an experienced rider you are. Whether you own an ATV or a Side-by-Side, you will get the chance to challenge your skills and get the best tips to drive your vehicle safely.

Are you a good rider?
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Who are you?

Tell us a little bit more about yourself!

Who are you?

Are you an ATV or a SbS driver?

Who are you?

For which purpose do you drive it?


The quiz is made of 10 questions tailored to the type of vehicle you own and your personal usage of it. The purpose of these questions is to promote good behaviour allowing you to ride safely while respecting the others and the environment.

If you want to learn more about the answers, you will find after each question an explanatory note outlining ATVEA’s recommendations.

Question 1

Helmet & Protective Gear

Which of the following equipment should you wear when riding your ATV?
There may be more than one answer.

Question 1

Helmet & Protective Gear

What is the recommended equipment when operating your SbS?
There may be more than one answer.

Question 2

Age & Driving Licence

My 14-year old kid is quite tall for his age; I can allow him to drive my adult-size ATV or SbS on our property.

Question 3


All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Side-by-Sides are primarily designed to travel:

Question 4

Access to terrain

Should I use my ATV or SbS when in presence of one of the following traffic signs?
(Caution: traffic signs design may vary depending on your country)

Question 5

Respect others & the environment

When on the trail and riding near hikers or horseback riders, it’s a good practice to:

Question 6


When riding my ATV, depending on the terrain and motion I should:

Question 6

SbS design

SbS have a steering wheel and foot pedals; they can be driven just like any other car:

Question 7

My ATV has a very long seat: can I use it to carry a passenger?

Question 7


When operating my SbS, I fasten my seatbelt:

Question 8

Braking on an ATV

What is the most important thing to remember when braking your ATV?

Question 8


Allowing passengers to ride in the cargo bed of a SbS:

Question 9

Towing a Trailer

When towing a trailer with your vehicle, it is good practice to:
There may be more than one answer.

Question 9

Good practices before going for a ride

Before going for a recreational ride, what is good practice?

Question 10

Cargo Hauling

Which one of the following cargo hauling statements is false?

Question 10

Environmental Awareness

While going for a recreational ride, which precautions should I take to have an environmentally friendly behaviour?
There may be more than one correct answer


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